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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have boxes, I have some of the cooking gear...

So why am I having trouble actually making up my boxes now?

It is not like I don't have to eat during the day.


My suspicion is that my appetite is down overall - which sometimes happens between the MS and chronic fatigue issues.

What to do? Pretend you want something to eat! (or as one doctor told me - eat by the clock hungry or not)

Like today - I made up most of two VERY small boxes for today and tomorrow. Each includes mixed fruit, plain rice onigiri, roasted turkey and a mix of green peas, edename and corn. I want to make up a 3rd layer maybe with more snack/sugary items.

These are for those I really need to eat/I really don't want to eat times.

I will try to take pictures later and post them on my other page - no promises though!

Upside - yesterday I did make some sushi rice and did make up some more plain onigiri - froze them and some unformed rice for use later in the week.

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