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Thursday, November 20, 2008

God gave me many things -

Strong, cavity resistant teeth are not in that collection.

From childhood I have been prone to cavities and have had a great deal of work (hmm - can you say understatement) done on them over the decades.

Seems fitting, in a perverse way, that for my all too close 50th birthday some would start falling apart or causing trouble.

That intro brings me to what I am dealing with today. Last Friday I developed a very bad toothache that seemed to go through my whole lower left jaw. Then it settled to a low roar and I was able to wait to see my regular dentist on Monday morning. He spotted the problem and said I needed a root canal done. He poked and prodded and questioned me determining that I did not appear to have an infection and I would see the other dentist of the practice the next day due to time constraints.

Well as things often go with medical procedures of any kind - you really don't know till you open the patient up! It seems I do have an infection and although the dentist cleared out some of it there was a (painful) point where I could not pass. Now I am on antibiotics 4x a day with food for a week and we will see if that clears it so the work can be finished.

Now I really have to apply what I have been learning re menu planning and bento making!!! It could mean my sanity juggling these pills!!

Today I did some grocery shopping and decided to play with the sandwich cutter I have.

HERE is the fruit of my labor!

It is just a simple ham & cheese on Wonder Bread but I thought the using the Tootsie Roll box was especially funny since that stuff would yank out other fillings if I tried having some.

I think I will work a bit more on this concept and enter it one of the beginner bento maker contests.

What do you think??

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Lyvvie said...

The Tootsie Roll box rocks! I love it!

I have poor teeth too, which I can thank my Dad and his bad genetics. (Honest I'm a great brusher!) I married a man with concrete teeth and so far my kids got his good teeth so at least I know they'll not have a metal mouth like I do.