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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Now for a Serious Commitment to a Challenge!

Don't you hate January - the whole New Year Resolutions thing?

Usually I don't bother with it but I liked the challenge listed here: 5 Week Bento Challenge with Maki & Co.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Challenge so I need to state my goals etc. so here they are:

Overall items:
  1. I will be tracking my efforts here on the blog and post my pictures here
  2. my goals are to build a regular eating schedule and make my diet more diverse
  3. make the best use of all my cute bento gear and tools to justify purchasing them
  4. to build better cooking habits in general for me and my family.

Week 1 specific items - I will be doing a modification of the "weight loss" focus listed here with an eye toward more regular, healthy eating.

For those who don't like the links, I will be:
  • discovering caloric level needed,
  • measure my bento boxes for volume (generally- volume equals calories it will contain),
  • pre-plan the bentos and other meals,
  • practice mise en place,
  • make at least 2 bentos,
  • take photos of them to post here and write a report on my adventures!

So now I go to gird my loins and start the challenge - Wish me luck!

1 comment:

flying hawk said...

good luck! I joined today to for the challenge, just wanted to say 'hi' :-) marzia