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Friday, April 17, 2009

Nothing exciting here -

Thanks all for the prayers.

Upside since my last post -- the health things have not shown themselves to be from an MS attack - don't know yet what they are from but MS has dropped lower on the list for possible causes.

I think I understand my problems with anemia a bit more and have instructions from the doctor re correcting that pest.

Finally have a new digital camera!!!!!!

Starting this weekend and going for 3 weekends we will be very busy with Boy Scout 'stuff'.

This weekend the local troop and pack is running the district Pinewood Derby finals and doing work on Sunday for local park. Next weekend the kid and I will be campmaster at the Council camping area and then the first weekend in May we will be going to the Scoutmaster's Camporee at West Point NY!!

Downsides - the husband decided we could not keep my friend's dog here more than a couple of days. I have to trust this is for the best. Sadly she has to find the dog a new home but has a very promising candidate.

Hopefully - especially now that I have a camera again - my posts can be more regular.

Thanks again for the prayers and good wishes!

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