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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I did not realize so much time had past since my last post!

I have been busy

I have been tired

I have not felt too well

I lost track of the last time I posted!

so here is a catch up report:

My son was confirmed.

We attended several scout things - including working on a Habitat for Humanity community garden, my son marched in local Memorial Day parade where I saw a lovely memorial to Gold Star Mothers and a wreath laying at the monument near our troop meeting place and the local kick off of the 100th year of Boy Scouts in the USA.

We attended the Eagle Scout Court of Honor of the brother of my son's confirmation sponsor - lots of Eagles out of the troop this year!!

As I work thru the photos I will post more on the events.

Till then - hope all is well on your side of the monitor!


~avie~ said...

DOOD!!! I have missed your posts!!! Glad you are back!!! I cant wait to see pics of your scout adventures and some bento pictures would be nice too! *huggles*

Flying Lily said...

I'm glad you're back - sounds like a busy family time. Will your summer be less busy?? More bentoey?? Need photos.