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Monday, June 15, 2009

It has been nearly a week since I fell

I did not think I would blog about this.

Last Tuesday I was over tired, it was wet and the silly shih tzu got under foot. That plus the MS I guess I simply shifted my weight wrong while standing too close to the edge of the front step and down I went like a tree felled on Ax Men. Thankfully I basically "relaxed" thru it - tucking my arm to my side and let it happen - though it meant hitting the ground hard on my right side, especially my shoulder.

Of course no one was around so it took me a moment or two to get up but I did get up on my own, got in the house, and took some arnica montana. NOW THAT STUFF is why I decided to blog.

I did not have a bruise though I did hurt like hell and I was not too stiff. It has been less than a week and I am significantly better.

Arnica montana is a great item to have around the house for all kinds of things -

OK - here are some pics of the accident scene

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~avie~ said...

OH HONEY!!!! HOW SCARY!!!! I am SOOO glad that you are okay! I can see how those steps could be treacherous! If it makes you feel any better - back before I was married I had a roommate and she tripped over my cat and broke her pinky toe! Silly animals, always getting underfoot!