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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sorry to neglect everything!!!

Been on an emotional rollercoaster.

But that stuff is boring.

Here is what I want to do as I move forward -

  • Restart regularly blogging
  • Restart using bentos
  • START cooking more for ME and less for husband and son
    (not as self centered as it may initially sound)
  • Restart making some of my clothes
  • Restart taking photos of projects

Now to more recent events -- this past Saturday I attended a get together with folks from my EIGHTH (8th) GRADE CLASS!!!

Some of us arrived earlier than others!

Here are the very brave men who came to see the girls they knew all those years ago!!!

HERE IS EVERYONE THAT CAME!!! It was a great night and thanks to all attendees!!!

1 comment:

Angi said...

Good on ya girl! Looks like ya'll had a nice visit :) Looking forward to seeing your bentos!