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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ok - being back to blogging is going slow

Lots of things going on in my life - most I don't feel comfortable talking about but isn't that what life can be like?

This past weekend my husband was very busy because the Galway Association was involved with a social on the yacht Cornucopia Majesty. Approximately 900 guests and from what I have heard it was lovely night to go around Manhattan - good people, good food, good music. And all for the Galway Gaelic Football team!

So that was Friday, then there was assorted running around on Saturday and Sunday we all went to see the Galway team play NY at Gaelic Park.

So I am over the hump of resting up from last weekend and gearing up for this coming weekend (maybe see a movie Friday, go to a 1st Communion Saturday and then Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral and a communion breakfast on Sunday).

In the middle of all this I have decided to purge my diet of as much sugar as I can and as many chemicals as I can. AND I am trying to excercise -- I have discovered trikking! Today I was out for maybe 15 minutes and did about 0.6 mi on a local bike path. I am still learning but I am getting there!

Here are some videos of others enjoying trikking:


Angi said...

Wow triking looks hard but also a lot of fun!

eilismaura said...

It is a little hard for some to start doing but it is sooo worth it!!!!

Most times I have simply got on it and gone down the street in front of my house - it loves down hill no matter how little the hill!!! And the stability is a great feature too!