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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I STILL have not gotten back into the swing of blogging

Blame Facebook. Well some of the games on Facebook.

So - my son has officially moved out of elementary school and will be starting high school in September. I am looking forward to be part of the mothers group supporting the boys and the school.

I have some new interests. I want to build my own trike (both a delta and a tadpole style) as well as a recumbent two wheel bike. I have my angle grinder (no discs yet) and face shield -- gotta save for the mig welder (well unless I find a kind soul who will do my welding for a reasonable price).

Why do I want to do this? Because it looks fun -- just check out Atomic Zombie. I LOVE some of the plans! And it is more reasonable to learn to build than to try to buy - even with purchasing equipment like the welder.

Add to that the fact that my son has decided to do the BSA Cycling merit badge. There is plenty of mileage to cover and someone has to go with him!!

I have some items arriving that will help me get my own cycling efforts jump started - I bought this trike conversion set from a seller on ebay after consulting the folks on Atomic Zombie.

It has been better part of a year since I was making bentos for myself. I have determined I need to get back to it -- I have not been satisfied at all with the other options I have been toying with.

Hope everyone who comes across this is doing well - and I look forward to chatting more soon!

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