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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congratulations are in order!

First - Moylough/Mountbellew won the Minor (Gaelic) Football Championship (Connaught final) today against Barna. Good work men!! Up Galway!!!

Second - my sister informed me today that she took first place in a pie baking contest in a local restaurant supply store. She makes the loveliest pies and has done well in other contests and fairs. Congrats!!! I asked her if she has a picture - if she does I will put it on the blog.

Not much regarding food today - need to set myself up to make some things (like couple of different rices) and freeze some for use during the week.

I did try sneaking a bit of sugar into my scrambled eggs - gearing up to try a full effort to make tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelet). So far so good and part of this week's meal plan.

Son of mine is off tomorrow (Columbus Day in US) as is the husband. I hope they go out see something /do something together as separate time with each parent can be very good for kids.

Son of mine (SoM?) maybe that will work to shorten things) has hot lunch at school 3 days this week and will bring a salad and something one day. Crazy school is only serving pizza or chicken fingers in two week "cycles". This works out as pizza 3x a week followed by chicken fingers 3x a week - with the other filling in the extra two days. I negotiated with SoM to have 2 of each during a week and bring his own one day a week. His classmates are pushing him to bring sandwiches - which he does not like so that will go nowhere.

Well think that is it for today from me - hope your day is good!

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