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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Food is good right?


Today I am not so sure food is good - at least not all food.

I have developed a problem with some spicy foods (not all) and seems the Chicken Scaparo I tried with the husband the other day STILL has my stomach torn up.

I am less happy with some of the items from the Asian market than I had hoped but will keep trying and doctoring them to see if they will have a place in my house. These included frozen gyoza, beef curry pilaf and pork/chicken fried rice. The last two were more palatable with the addition of some plain rice. I will probably try some 'real' (as in restaurant) gyoza this week to get a better feel for how they should taste then I will know if I am doing something wrong or not.

As for the mango puddings and jellies -- I found the pudding was too large a serving size for me - and that I may have to have it with something else - not sure what yet. The smaller jellies were nice - not something I would have all the time but nice. I shared some of each of these with folks I know and have not gotten any feedback from them yet.

I am dying to try to make some tonkatsu using Kitchen Cow's clear instructions. Maybe this weekend will be the perfect time.

Maybe not if my stomach does not get better soon.

Have a good day and a great weekend!

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