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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 2

Ok, I admit it, I am just too pleased with myself about getting this started.
So far I have included the list of blogs I follow - blogs that have truly inspired me and provided me with great information.

For now the materials are mostly about bentos. For those who don't know bento is the Japanese word for 'boxed lunch' or 'lunch box'. It is a naturally portioned control way of eating using items that are cute/fun and often more functional than we may be used to.

Soon I will also have some posts about Boy Scouts. My son just completed 2nd Class and our troop's Scoutmaster just completed training at Philmont so there is a lot of good information and ideas to think and blog about.

No pictures today, at least not at this hour. I reserve the right to post them separately!

I hope your day will be good.

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