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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The trials of doing bento

Food used to be fun - that is before I developed Multiple Sclerosis.

One of the weird things about MS is that often enough there are sensory issues. Sometimes this is numbness and tingling and sometimes it is just plain incorrect reading by the brain of the information taken in. Too often this misreading - or what seems to be outright ignoring - of food related information happens to me. And that makes it hard to enjoy meals or eat right. Would you make much effort if nothing tasted good and nothing felt good?

Then I stumbled on bento boxes. I don't really remember how or where but I found them and fell in love. I love the looks as I always enjoyed having something different and unique. I love the function (and I am very impressed with the design functionality of them compared to what I grew up using here in the U.S.). I love idea that portion control takes care of itself using them.

And the recipes and blogs!!! Heaven sent! It is so nice to have recipe ideas from folks who do this stuff daily.

Now here is where I got a bit too happy…………

From the blogs I learn about new foods to try.
I look around and order online and


Well some efforts don’t work out!

I do not like kewpie mayo.
I love mango jellies and I am getting ready to try mango pudding.
I love checking out local Asian markets but hate having trouble finding them.

I have a feeling this is all going to get worse before it gets better but I am in for the long haul!

After all, in only a couple of weeks I lost 10 lbs and who knows how many inches and my 13 yr old son is willing to take a green salad for lunch at school because of all the playing I am doing with bento boxes.

Now I have to get used to taking pictures of all of this. I guess I will start with a Flickr account so I can play catch up with the text entries. We’ll see.

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