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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting ready to go camping!!!!

I have been a bit too distracted to make an entry since our Boy Scout Troop is going camping for the first time of the new scout year.

It should be an easy weekend as we paid to have "staff" meals for the event (so little to no cooking on our part) and it is "car camping" so minimal hiking. The weather is expected to be a bit cool but dry.

Today I picked up some odds and ends to have in addition to the meals we paid for and I will also be trying to bring some of the extras from meals to use as snacks during the day as I am suppose to have 5-6 mini meals a day per the doctor.

I will take pictures of the weekend and the gear so when I can find the wire to download the pictures I will have plenty to post!

In the meantime - have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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