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Friday, October 24, 2008

Lunch time!!!

Here we go -- and a lovely bento meal it was!!

I as way too pleased with having gathered gear that matches. Now if I can only get a small bit of that coordination into my wardrobe. Ahh - well one step at a time right?

And here is the grub!!!

We have eggs on sticky rice. I tried to remember the method for making the kind of eggs used in sushi - but had no patience for doing the omelet and ended up scrambling them. They did taste great and I really like the sticky sushi rice.

Also on the menu was raw yam bits cut in flowers and small ovals with some Craisins, diced pears and my meds for the day. I tried adding the Craisins to the diced
pears (didn't like that) and to the eggs (liked that the most).

Dessert was a Japanese item called Pocky.

Overall it was a very satisfying lunch!

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