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Saturday, November 1, 2008

We are suppose to be camping next weekend

I have to start getting organized for it.

I know the tents are ok but it is the cooking gear that needs serious help.

Our Boy Scout troop will be camping roughly once a month for the next few months. My son and I will go to nearly all of them.

I want to simplify this process for both of us. I think he is set with his tent/sleeping stuff - if he would only care for it. I have a tent I am pretty happy with but can be too big for some situations. Because I have Multiple Sclerosis I am being very fussy about having enough room to struggle getting up onto my feet off the ground and other more private needs.

Anyway -- back to cooking gear. I purchased several stainless steel boxes a couple of weeks ago and I have some lock and lock boxes. I am trying to figure out what my son and I have to have on EVERY trip versus things we want as a whim. Up until now I have been too into being prepared for every possible craving and that has led to too much stuff being carted around all the time.

There is one thing I must have - and will introduce her in the next post......................

Take care!

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