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Monday, November 3, 2008

Menu planning for camp out

For this upcoming camp out the troop has each member cooking for himself - and sometimes the scout cooking separately from the parent.

The traditional scout method would be patrol cooking - all the boys in one or more groups with each group responsible for planning and carrying out their meals.

I try to include some of this process even when we are in more of a 'self catering' mode - my son and I talk about ideas of what to have and what seems more suitable for the activities. This camp out is a trek-o-ree where the scouts from different troops will hike on a trail for a certain distance and then complete a series of tasks or contests. These activities and contests will be scored and the troops will be ranked as they finish the trek.

My son and I like more simple things to eat when we are camping while some of the other scouts and their dads can get pretty elaborate.

I am thinking, for this trip, he and I should focus on freezer bag cooking because we like different things and this could make that and clean up so much easier.

I have not totally thought out mine yet but here is the first draft of his menu for the weekend:
  • Friday night - Chinese take out and maybe some snacks for later
  • Saturday breakfast - coffee and oatmeal, maybe a hotdog
    lunch - bagel, cooked chicken, apple
    dinner - re-heated pasta with meat sauce and maybe some snacks for later
  • Sunday breakfast - not totally sure yet - could be bagel and coffee or oatmeal
    again, maybe hotdog or even just wait till we get home.

For myself -- I am going to look into Freezer Bag Cooking and I will use some of the concepts I have learned through making bento type meals to give myself better nutrition overall.

More later -- have a great day!

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