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Thursday, December 4, 2008

No - I don't have an obession with bento lunches

Despite how it may appear I am not obsessed with bento lunches. I am learning about it and trying to apply what I am learning. I am getting all kinds of gear. But that does not mean I am obsessed.

It is hard to explain why this is important to me right now.

OK - maybe not so hard.

Over the years I have accumulated several health problems that mess with my eating regularly.
Add to that I am home alone most days. Ever try eating 5 to 6 meals a day when you have little interest in eating or are eating alone so often?

So this seems to be my way out. The boxes naturally reduce portion size so my hiatal hernia is happy.

Many of the boxes are cute and/or interesting, taking care of the boredom from eating alone.

Yesterday I turned to the Bento Lunches Community for some help with ideas - maybe you would like to check what they recommended?

1 comment:

Lyvvie said...

Someone's in denial *whistle* *sneaky points at you*

Of course all your explanations make perfect sense. I'll even borrow a couple to explain to my Husband when he complains of how much stuff I have. Is it ever enough?!