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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Miss My Digital Camera(s)......

We had two - both died so I have no pictures this week. I miss taking pictures of my bentos and posting them!!! I am in bento pic withdrawl!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok - so this is how I have been coping.

I tried taking pictures with my cell phone - they are crummy and I can't get them off the damn thing!!!

I focused on trying new foods - mango mochi, Sharon Fruit, kumquats and Lady apples. The only thing I hated was the kumquats but now I am going to look at some recipes to make with them so they don't go to waste.

The Five Week Bento Challenge ends today. It is sad to see a good thing end.
I have used the 5 weeks to explore the whole idea of bento style eating, learning to use new items, learning to use old items in new ways and trying new foods. It has been a GREAT 5 weeks.

Here is how my week 5 goals worked out:
  • sort bento ACCESSORIES and plan to use more of them - ongoing and some were weeded out for a bento swap!!
  • look into new things to try like furikake from samples on hand - done and I did NOT like anyone of them - I think I will not pursue this further.
  • pre-plan the bentos and other meals for 7 days ON PAPER OR AT LEAST ON THE PC - done and on paper!!! YEAH!!!!!!!
  • refine mise en place according to meal plans - on going and also laying out mise en place for husband and son for meals they make themselves
  • make at least 4 bentos and photograph them - 3 bentos made and photographed - can't get the pictures off the damn camera!!
  • post here and write a report on my adventures! - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Avie said...

Awesome job! Are you going to continue bentoing?

Trying new foods is always such a fun and terrifying ordeal! I have tried so many new foods over the last few months and I love SOME and hated SOME! Trial and error, I spose! Well, at least u tried! :)

Looking forward to hearing more about your progress! :)


eilismaura said...

I am definitely going to continue making bentos AND in my zeal - will continue to spread the gospel of bento!!!

But honestly - I have been so turned off by food for so long now (I have sensory issue because of Multiple Sclerosis so sometimes I am not hungry or there are times that things no longer taste good) to have this to keep me taking good care of myself (and my husband and son by extension) - well it is heaven sent!

jomamma said...

Seems like my Grandmother (in Louisiana) used to make preserves from Kumquats... I do remember she had a Kumquat bush in her yard that she didn't want us picking them from. The preserves were a lot like marmalade.