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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I wish I had a digital camera

But the two we had died.

Oh well.

I wanted to document my adventures with "The Tank" (a '94 Ford Explorer Limited): the things I have to do to it and things I want to do to it.

For now I have to rely on just writing it down.

The husband, the Kid and I went to check a few things tonight - locks, lights etc. The Kid is not too interested nor too good at direction following to be of much help. They tell ME it is normal for a 13 yo boy but I don't want to believe that! Ok, I can believe that - what do you think the odds are that I get to skip the moody stuff if I accept this other part???

Anyway - back to The Tank.

My "must do now" items:
  • front driver headlight needs new bulb (easy fix) - DONE!!
  • rear brake lights need to be checked (could be a simple DIY project)
    DONE thanks to the help of "fix that car" at!!

  • passenger side rear door needs new lock - FIXED !!!!
  • spare key(s)
  • get AAA membership

My "wish list of do now" items:
  • stuff for keyless entry (dealership says they can check to see if I have
    the Ford system for this and could give me the key - just have to
    make time to bring it in to check for this)
  • new floor mats like the ones here

Must do but further down the road:
  • fix 4x4
  • fix a/c
  • change steering wheel
  • dash cover (both for function and color accent) like those listed here

I guess it is not too bad for a start.

Wish me luck!

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Avie said...

How exciting! All sorts of fun 'projects' ahead! :) BTW - hurry and get a new camera!