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Monday, March 9, 2009

An EXCELLENT blog post about Bento and its benefits!

I made a new friend on Twitter - Angela aka basicbento - has a BRILLIANT post on her blog Basic Obento titled New American Bento. PLEASE take a moment to read it!!!

For the link adverse here is part of the entry:

New American Obento

This post is all about one of the major reasons to utilize obento in an American lifestyle. You could say the best example of an American obento are the cheese and cracker boxed lunches they sell in the deli case next to the hotdogs at the supermarket. They can cost almost $5.00. Getting lunch for under five bucks isn’t bad, however, this is one of the reasons Americans have such horrible eating habits; cheap, convenient food. Here is an example of one I picked up at the store today just for this post:


This box contains buttery crackers, ham (water added), American “processed cheese food” (their words, not mine), cherry flavored taffy bar, a Kool-aid singles pouch to go in 8.5 oz of water, and a 100 calorie pack of processed potatoes shaped into chips. Sarcastic “Mmmm”. I think the only truly healthy product in this box is the bottle of water, but even then they try to junk it up by including Kool-aid to dump in it. I would also add that this box contains less than 200 ml of food, but contains 490 calories and 22g of fat. That’s a lot for not so much. In a balanced obento with a “main” course, a starch, and tons of fruits and veggies, a 200ml container (which is not that big), should only yield approximately 200 calories. If that’s not scary enough, here is the garbage it creates:


This is another reason why my son gets a home-packed obento now, because school lunches come with just as much garbage. If I pick up my kid right after lunch, there are two huge garbage cans filled to the brim outside of each classroom with all the garbage from a school lunch. I can’t imagine what all that garbage must add up to by the end of the year. Not only that, but sometimes the school system will get food that is part of a batch of low-quality veggies or meat that goes to the prison systems. Can you imagine our children eating like little prisoners? Maybe some might need to develop that palate, but not my kid.

(Remember - the full entry is HERE!)

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