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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where is my red hat?????????

I am 50 today!!!

I get to change my hat from pink to RED!!!!


Avie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! So, you have to be 50 to be a Red Hat lady? I didn't know that! :P

eilismaura said...


It is pink and lavender for those under 50.

Then once you turn 50 - it is red and purple to be done with total abandon!!

from their site:

We are the women in the red and pink hats. We are the ones enjoying life to the fullest, no matter where we are or what we are doing! We are the mothers, daughters and grandmothers, of society. Some may ask, "What do you do?" The answer is... We do exactly what we wish to do.

We are a network. When you belong to the RHS you are a vital part of an enormous nurturing network of women approaching 50 or beyond, who are joining red-gloved hands and spreading the joy and companionship we find within and among the chapters.

We are Ladies! In the Red Hat Society, we throw most "rules" to the wind, but we still remember our manners. When we gather in public, we believe in being courteous to each other and to those around us. After all, we are ladies and members of a group like no other.

Pink Hatters

Pink Hatters are a wonderful part of the Red Hat Society. Not yet 50, Pink Hatters are welcomed into many RHS chapters. Some even have their own chapters! Pink Hatters can be deemed Queen, provided chapter members are in agreement, and must follow all Queen guidelines (the only difference being their dress; lavender and pink until their REDuation).

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!

jomamma said...

Happy Birthday... I would have qualified almost 2 years ago for the hats... I live with total abandon all the time... but I sure don't tell people how old I am. I let them guess and they always guess about 10 to 12 years younger than my actual age. No hats for me... they just blow off when I'm flying down the freeway with my top down on the Miata.

Flying Lily said...

Happy Birthday!! Did you make a birthday bento??

eilismaura said...

Sadly I only made one bento - it was a good one though not so pretty. It is here

I did get to relax and have things I liked - even on a very tight budget.