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Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is another great blog entry by Basic Bento!

I have seen lots of entries and information on getting started doing bento BUT this has to be the simplest, cleanest, clearest explanation regarding start-up gear I have ever seen!

Basic Obento

DIY Obento Box

I understand a lot of people who are interested in obento may not be fortunate enough to live down the street from Ichiban Kan or live in a city with a vibrant Japantown. I’m sorry. Here is a quick and easy solution to making your own obento box at home and it costs less than $3.

First, here is the gear:


What we have here is a bandanna, two rubber bands I saved from some asparagus bunches, and a GladWare square entree container. The container is sold at almost every major grocery store and big box retailers around the country. This container is perfect for obento because it’s not to tall and fits nicely in most backpacks or totes. It is also 740 ml, which will yield about a 700-750 calorie lunch–perfect for most people!

To ensure the lid doesn’t pop off in your bag and leak your preciously prepared lunch everywhere, wrap like so with the rubber bands:


After you put your bands on, go a head and tuck any utensils you might need for the day under the ‘X’ on the top. Okay, at this stage in the game, it’s not looking so hot and that’s why you need to wrap it in a cute little cloth. The square-ness of this container makes it easy to wrap in a square bandanna or any other cute piece of cloth that can double as a napkin:


TADA! How cute is that?

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Avie said...

I saw this on her blog alst week! Yep, simple and genius.