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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I wish I could test products and write reviews like some bloggers

You know - lucky folks that have items sent to them to test out.

Well until that luck hits my house, I am willing to pay my own way and write about things I find interesting to try out.

Like this week. Infomercials don't often make me want to order a product but some really hit a nerve.

A little over 2 weeks ago I ordered Gourmet Trenos Always Fresh Containers and they arrived about a week ago. I have been slowly trying them out - unfortunately none of my original test subjects lasted long enough before being eaten to check this 'keep fresh longer' claim - until now!

This past Saturday my husband came home with a few donut peaches for me. I put most of them in one of the Always Fresh Containers (along with some kiwi I keep putting off eating) and left one out with the other fruit in the house.

It has not been a week but you can see that one of the peaches aged quite rapidly while the other did not.

Now these peaches tend to be very easily bruised. Several in the box along with the unblemished sample were bruised and the bruises worsened a bit but not at all like the peach that was outside of the box for the same number of days.

Do I have to say it? I am impressed!

There is only one thing I don't care for - that you can't see through the box to the contents but that is a small issue.
I am impressed. I have yet to try them out in the microwave or in the freezer BUT I will be keeping both sets for my own uses!

Currently I have one box with kiwis in it and one with grapes from Sunday's shopping trip. I will post an update on those tests and as well as future trials in my real life setting!


~avie~ said...

I wish someone would send me one of those Red Set GO GT Express grillers!! I always watch that infomercial and lust after it! OH THE THINGS I COULD MAKE WITH IT!!!!! T___T

These are some cool containers you reviewed! I have never seen them but now that I know they work - I am going to have to check them out! :)

Susan Yuen said...

Wow, very impressive! I'm going to have to get me some of those containers now.