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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Downside of the last couple of weeks

Lots of stress. Some of it may have triggered some minor health problems I am dealing with. Ohh - can't forget the dental work.

Good things? Got to see two friends from my youth, I have been continuing to volunteer with local Paddle and Rowing club to provide free kayaking to people in my area ( I do the admin stuff and shore support), my husband and son have been visiting family in Ireland (they return Tuesday) and I have been trying new foods.

Hmmm - trying new foods -- maybe that should be in the downside column! There were far more fails than anything but I did get to try with no one around to give me a hard time or get in the way of experimenting.

Again I am in need of lots of prayers -- and thanks for all and the good thoughts/good vibes you send my way!


Flying Lily said...

Cooking experiments! On these occasions I appreciate having dogs. Gives new meaning to the expression "Cooking with Dog" i.e someone is eager to eat up my epic fails. No matter how disappointing to humans, the doggies think it is a big treat.

~avie~ said...

Oh Eilish! You need to tell us about this cooking adventures!! I want to hear all about it!! Oh, and you need to share some of your Irish recipes!!

Hope things get better soon, hon! *hugs*