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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Am I hanging out with the wrong crowd or just getting old?

There are so many things to explore in life. And so many (maybe more) things to re-examine and explore more deeply from earlier times.

To those who follow my silly blog - I am sorry about not posting. The summer can be very draining when one has Multiple Sclerosis. Also this time of year is marked by the anniversary of my mother-in-law's passing - this month being the first anniversary.

And it is not so fun to post when I don't have the camera!!! My son and husband have taken the digital camera to Ireland with them.

I have not been doing much with bentos lately BUT I have been trying new foods.

Yesterday I had bubble tea for the first time!

I finally used the lotus root I bought -- and boy do I have to work on using that! It is bland - like an underdone piece of fried potato - but it has potential.

I try to go to the local farmers market(s) - LOVE them.

I have been helping at a free program to introduce folks to kayaking - this is the 3rd summer I have done that. I look forward to actually getting on the water more once I get a break from some of this fatigue.

I have decided to FINALLY get a cell phone plan (lol - I have only had my pay as you go SIM for 14 + years) and will be trying out Consumer Cellular.

AND I am going to re-examine the use of structured prayer in my life. I am going to resume praying (or trying to pray - LOL - if I can adjust to the process!) the Liturgy of the Hours. I will use for now and may go back to using the books if 1) I can find where I put them and 2) if I can navigate them! Here is a piece from the Morning Prayer intercessions that really struck a note with me:

O God, you have made light shine out from the shadows and you have illuminated our hearts and made them ready to perceive your brightness in the face of Jesus Christ: increase our desire to contemplate your beloved Son.
Lord, give us light that we may see.


~avie~ said...

YEAH! Glad to see you posting again!

How was the bubble tea? Did you make it yourself or buy it somewhere? What flavor?

Praying is always a good idea. I recently found the Catholic TV network and watched it for awhile... I learned all sorts of things about praying the rosary and the Mysteries etc.. Very interesting since I dont know much about the Catholic faith!

eilismaura said...

I had mango bubble tea made at my favorite Asian store. I found it a bit over powering - maybe because I have had an on and off again issue with gastro-intestinal distress the last couple of weeks - but not objectionable. The tapioca balls were irritating pretty quickly. I may try it again but not any time soon - too many other things to try!

You probably found EWTN on cable -- it is ok - I don't like it but lots of folks do. It is often filled with assorted pious private practices though I believe their coverage of the Mass offered there is good.

Susan Yuen said...

Prayer is awesome, something that I need to do more often. Love the Morning Prayer too!