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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I used to love to drink coffee. I think my mother gave it to me in my bottle as a baby. Ohh for the days when my parents and the 5 of us kids gathered for breakfast and it always included coffee!

The first time my family went to Ireland I was a major problem because I would not drink tea but wanted coffee. Now in the homes of my various aunts this was not too much of an issue but if we were out?? My parents pretty much had to sneak some of their coffee to us in restaurants!

But I am older now. Sometimes the acid (ok most times) bothers me so I drifted further and further away from coffee.

BUT I stumbled upon information about cold brewing coffee!!

Think I will set up my first batch tonight - and give you details tomorrow.

But for today -- I dragged out my son's camp percolator and gave it a try.

All three of us had a reasonable cup of hot coffee and I was very good not to boil the coffee or have any other mishap with the percolator.

Definitely more to come on this .....


arkonite_babe said...

cold brewing coffee? I'm intrigued!

~avie~ said...

Have you tried decaf? Maybe more water and less grounds? Having your coffee with a light meal (not an empty tummy)? These have helped me! :)

I want to know about this cold brewing! LET ME KNOW!

eilismaura said...

Decaf is the abomination!!

oh sorry that slipped out!

Due to medication one lifetime ago I had to totally avoid caffeine and would not do it willingly again.

I like the idea that this process will give you a concentrate that you can add to things - to hot water for hot coffee, cold water and/or ice for iced coffee. I will be starting the 12 hour soak in a couple of hours and test it out on my son tomorrow.

arkonite_babe said...

yeah, let us know what the process is please!