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Friday, October 16, 2009

Crummy week and facing busy weekend -

Updates - my son did not care for the coffee - he did not hate it but he did not like it. He has not like any of the coffee we have made at home - not sure why. The husband has not tried it yet.

I have spent most of the week in a near fetal position due to pain and fighting off a possible cold/flu. I am upright (for now) but babying myself because there are 3 high school open houses this weekend.

How do you fight colds/flus? My family and I use this product Oscillococcinum and have always found it to be extremely helpful.

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~avie~ said...

AWWW!!! Sorry you havent felt well, sweeetie!! Please take care of yourself and get well soon!!

When I don't feel well, I try to sleep A LOT! Drink water, gatorade, OJ, anything thats not dairy. Soups, warm light foods... and FOR SOME REASON chocolate chip cookies always sound good when I am fighting a cold!