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Friday, October 30, 2009

I have so wanted to do more with dehydrating foods.....

It started with looking at ideas for Boy Scouts, then to manage some health related problems - and of course there is all the stuff that the husband grows in his garden each year that I fail to find uses for!

I have several camping related books - because I am part of my son's Boy Scout troop - and love the idea of rehydrating foods rather than carting ice etc when we go camping.

I have always known about dehydrating foods but never really got into it. I have one of the Ronco dryers and it works ok but the grill type levels makes stuff leak or drop thru and who stores round things ????

So here we have one of the bloggers I regularly follow - Stephanie of Keeper of the Home fame - offering a fabulous give away!!

OMG I soooo lust for this prize......
excalibur dehyrator front view

So this is my instruction to you, my readers, for the weekend --

1) Read Stephanie's review of this item over at Keeper of the Home
2) Cross your fingers for me that I might win!

Ok - and enter if you feel the need to compete with me .....



Flying Lily said...

Wow that thing sounds awesome! She must have a seriously huge kitchen if she keeps it out on the counter all the time. And uses it to make yogurt. Niiice. Hope you win!!!!

sherimiya said...

Awesome is right! Thanks for sharing! We'll try not to win it ;)

eilismaura said...

@sherimiya -- LOL well may the best win!