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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ohh I am a follower of the W.A.Y.!!!!

Binging on Weird Al Yankovic (W.A.Y.) videos on iTunes - loading up the iMac and the iPods/Touch.

Eat It. White and Nerdy. Living with a Hernia. It's All about the Pentiums. Fat. Amish Paradise. Craiglist. Ricky. Ok - even The Saga Begins (actually my son likes this one but it is brilliant Weird Al all the same.


~avie~ said...

OH MY! I haven't thought about Weird Al in a long time! He is so funny... and nutty! Ha ha!

YEAH for iMacs, iPods, and iTouch!! I didnt know you were a mac too?!? AWESOME.

eilismaura said...

Yes - it is a nerd's world!

I also have started watching a lot of G4 (and I love the It's a Nerd's World bits).

I am soon to be a Kindle mommy too.

Flying Lily said...

I love Weird Al!!!!!