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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It was messy but may have been worth it! - coffee update

filter 1st try by you.

My first try - only a few errors (like not putting in one of the pieces in that top part for filtering). As you will now see there was A LOT of grounds that got thru the first filtering.

be careful when filtering by you.

But I managed to filter this coffee liquid (the sites call it coffee concentrate) once more then tried it out. I took 3 oz of the concentrate and added 5 oz of boiling water, added some sugar and milk -- then tasted it.....

Photo 65 by you.

And it is not too bad!!

I will put the rest of the concentrate in another container, have the kid and the husband try some coffee using the concentrate and post their feedback!

Try cold brewing coffee -- you might like it!


Amy said...

I am really curious to find out what everyone thinks about the coffee from concentrate. Toddy's website recommends a 1:3 coffee:water ratio, but you made a much stronger mixture. I might try this, especially since it claims to be much less acidic which will make my tummy much more happy!

eilismaura said...

It will be interesting to see their reactions. My son often drinks coffee (raised him on it like my mom and dad raised me!) as does my husband.

What I find especially attractive about this process is that you can control the strength at two places - when you are brewing and when you are using the concentrate.

natesgirl said...

this is awesome, you rock LOL
you know it would be great made like Vietnamese coffee!
and I don't want to spam your blog but there is a recipe on mine for Popsicles and the drink

eilismaura said...

I think this process has so much potential. I tried making coffee over the weekend using a percolator on the stove - it was ok but I liked how this turned out much better.

It will be fun trying out other types of beans and then doing flavored coffees.

~avie~ said...

YIPPEE!! I am glad it worked out! What a cool process!! Keep us updated on how you use the concentrate. This is awesome!