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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This video will give you an idea about cold brewing coffee

This is to a specific maker of cold brew gear called Toddy - it looks a bit like my set up but is much more expensive!

This morning I started to drain the soggy mess of coffee grinds - and found I did not really think this part out! I also learned I forgot to add one of the parts to my set up. But that did NOT stop me (made a small mess but that was not too bad). Using a full can of coffee makes for a LOT of wet grounds.

So I have now dumped the grounds, washed the top part, put the missing filter IN this time and am getting ready to re-filter my coffee!

While I work on this some more to get it to a drinkable state here are some more videos on cold brewed coffee and easier ways to do it - especially if you want to try smaller batches!

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