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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A meal and a comparision

Originally I was going to test out the Snoopy set but I am just not that hungry. I went thru my gear and found one that more represented my appetite right now:

My VERY modest lunch

VERY modest lunch

A simple meal -- and a SMALL one! --

some freshly looked rice, small amount of ground sirloin with sauteed brussel sprouts and jicama

Now here is a picture of the Snoopy set and my Mr Bento -- I am not sure why but the Snoopy one feels like it should be so much bigger! The reality is that the footprint is nearly the same.

Snoopy & Mr Bento by you.


~avie~ said...

Nice looking lunch and I LOVE that traditional box!

OMG! I had NO IDEA that snoopy box was that HUGE! I assumed it was the size of a medium thermos! X___X!!!!!!

I read your comment on flickr - yeah, you need a tare panda sticker for your Mr. B! I know they have those nice big vinyl decals made for car windows on ebay - that would be perfect!!!!

~avie~ said...

Here ya go - you need these:


eilismaura said...


Turns out I have the 2nd one in my wish list -- but not the first one.

I am also looking for something for the new van -- kid might like Autobots but I have a mom and baby panda one for the car - now where to place it...