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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baptism by donburi

First go at making use of more of my gear - and the outcome was mixed.

baptism by donburi 2

1 cup of my favorite sticky rice,
some black pastrami (don't ask me what is the difference between it and regular pastrami
- that was the name of it) and some sauteed romaine lettuce

baptism by donburi 1

hmm good idea - not too good of an outcome
the romaine may have been too old - or sauteed too long - it was inclined to be bitter
last time I sauteed the romaine it was with bacon drippings and not as long
still not sure re the pastrami on the rice

but it was eaten


~avie~ said...

YEAH! I have been waiting so long to see a food post from you! YIPPEE!!!

Well, I think it looks gorgeous! I have never cooked romaine but it looks good! Sorry you had mixed feelings about it... keep trying!

eilismaura said...

LOL - and it was was mostly a FAIL!

I think I have come down on the side of NO pastrami on rice -- and will retry the romaine but not cooked so much. Otherwise I will stick to doing it with only the bacon fat.