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Monday, October 5, 2009

I have so much gear now to make use of some of it!!

This is from the various food prep tools

I like Miffy -
I have a few other Miffy things but will start with this donburi set -
I am not totally sure how all the bits work -
especially the little grate/fence thingy but I will learn.

Then there is Snoopy - this has two food sections and one beverage section,
a cup and a spoon. Not sure how much control on food temp there is
but that is what one learns using it right??

I bought all these items from Ebay.


arkonite_babe said...

I'm waiting on my Miffy thermal set arriving. I'll post it up on my blog when it arrives

Pigs Do Fly said...

I'll be curious to hear how the egg yolk shaping thing goes. I keep looking at it, and then I think, "yea, the kidlet wil go WOW once or twice and then its old hat and how hard is it to use so is it worth the money?" ;)

Keep us apprised!

~avie~ said...

AWESOME STUFF!!! I love the Miffy donburi the best!