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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coldest weather in a quarter century or more and Ireland is not ready for it!

My husband is from Co. Galway Ireland. He regularly checks the internet copy of the Irish papers for sports articles BUT this weather has him deviating from his usual pattern.

A snowman is left out in the cold at Trinity College, Dublin

Dempsey told to 'come out of hiding' as chaos reigns

From the article:
"Met Eireann is predicting the big freeze that has ground the country to a halt will continue for another week at least.

But despite the deepening crisis, neither Taoiseach Brian Cowen or any of his senior ministers were available last night to outline what the Government is doing to help stranded motorists and homeowners living in isolated areas.

There is also no national emergency plan in place to co-ordinate relief and rescue efforts across the country amid growing fears for the safety of elderly people living alone who are struggling to heat their homes."

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Flying Lily said...

Wow I did not realize Ireland was in such a state. Imagine being out in the countryside and frozen in! The snowman with his little Trinity scarf is cute though...