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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What changes has making bentos brought to your life??

For some odd reason this question came to my mind this morning.
Before I developed Multiple Sclerosis MOST of the best ideas I had came because of strange reasons. I firmly believe I the fates gave me this disease so I would not take over the world.

Anyway. Making bentos has brought many things into my life - AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT MY FAIRLY SERIOUS COLLECTION OF GEAR AND BOXES!!!

Making bentos opened my eyes and mind to
  • blogs
  • doing my own blogging
  • playing with my digital camera
  • posting pictures of my bentos on the web here and on certain groups
  • revising my views on food
  • renewed reading about nutrition
  • improving my general plating skills for meals at home as well as meals I bring to other places
  • encouraged me to try other cuisines - especially Asian ones
  • encouraged far greater variety in my diet as well as greater willingness to try new things
  • made me bolder about visiting shops I would never go into before

How about you?? While you are thinking about it - take care and keep warm!!!!



Angi said...

The ability to venture deeper into other cultures.

I've noticed portion sizes and color varieties more.

Harrasing the hell out of my husband to take me to specialty shops miles out of the way :)

Nice post... makes you think and take a moment to really enjoy it.

sherimiya said...

Met wonderful, fantastic people.
Became part of a supportive community.
Learned how to make better bento.
Learned how to use my camera, kind of.
Learned lots of stuff about blogging, etc.
Learned how to organize and plan better...
But most of all, the people :)

Angi said...

I've passed the Happy 101 award for you. Please come on by and pick it up!