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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I forgot how nice it was to make bentos!

I really have to get back into it.

My resolutions for the new year:

1) start exercising - simple things that don't aggravate the MS and include some simple cardio work

2) use my lovely lovely bento gear more!!

3) explore cooking -- I have been inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia", so inspired I bought a couple of Julia Childs cooking books/dvds

4) I will do more menu planning even if only for me as my husband gets weird about 'planned' meals as if they are not fresh or something

5) I will set up and go to all the assorted doctor appointments I have avoided even though I hate the thought of it (guess being in the maintaining phase of chronic illness can cause that feeling - you go and go and nothing gets better - well - might as well check up on areas I have ignored)

6) I will start sewing again - even if it is just small projects a la Threadbanger

7) I will work on knitting again - both by hand and machine

8) and continued from late last year -- I will continue to purge excess from here!

Wish me luck!!!!

Hope all who stumble upon this site have had a good set of holidays and are ready for the year to come!


Natesgirl said...

oh my goodness you can do all that? I wish I could sew and knit...
It's nice to hear from you thanks for the comment at Give Peas a Chance... you should join my 365 challenge at Once Around the Sun!

~avie~ said...

YEAH! Glad to hear from you! I was wondering where you went! :D

These are great goals! I know you can do it! I cant wait to see your sewing/knitting projects! :)

Happy new year, my friend! :D