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Sunday, November 9, 2008

We went camping but I forgot the camera!!!!

Ok - my son and I survived a very wet weekend camping.

It did not rain so much as mist/drizzle A LOT and we were pretty soaked at times.

The trek (what was to be a 6.5 mile hike) had a good deal of problems for several of the troops involved.

Our troop has not fully embraced cooking as a unit - not even if the adult's cook. I call it 'self catering' style camping. My son did make use of his freezer bag servings of pasta with meat sauce as well as the portioned servings of chicken and some hard salami plus the bagels we picked up en route. I stuck with all cold, easy to grab foods but unfortunately ended up under eating which caught up with me today (along with not drinking enough and not sleeping enough).

And I forgot the camera!!!!!!!!!

Oh well - hope things went better for you this weekend!

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